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Computer coding for kids: Education game with coding App

Scottie Go! Labyrinth is an education game designed not only for kids as young as 6, but older children will also find interesting quests to create programs and to learn the basics of programming. Computer science games play an important role to help children explore and understand the surrounding world, as well as to obtain key 21st Century competences.

Scottie Go! Labyrinth features hours of learning basic programming concepts and programming logic in an extremely accessible and entertaining way, by combining the coding application with a traditional board game.

Coding app and programming blocks – how does it work?

Scottie Go! Labyrinth is a typical educational game and at the same time great fun that allows player to create programs and learn basic concepts of programming such as instruction, parameter and loop. The player will develop the ability to think logically and solve complex problems by completing 52 quests of increasing difficulty included in the Scottie Go! Labyrinth coding app.

Children learn how to code through play by helping a friendly alien called Scottie. During an interstellar journey, Scottie ran out of crystals to power his ship and he must make an emergency landing on an unknown asteroid. To help Scottie find and collect the crystals needed for his onward journey, the player must install the Scottie Go! Labyrinth app on the smartphone or tablet and guide the movements of the alien by arranging a program with special programming blocks located in the box. Then, the assembled program needs to be scanned with the app using the device camera, so Scottie will execute it on the screen. This way, children will find out how friendly, interesting and easy it is to learn programming and whether they have arranged the program correctly.


The quests in the application contain many adventures. The player gets to know the quests and analyse them to plan sequences of commands that will make Scottie jump at the right moment, avoid obstacles, pick up an object, activate a device and even use teleports to complete the objectives.

After completing all quests correctly, Scottie, who has already managed to collect all the crystals to power the ship with the player’s help, will depart for a further galactic journey.

Computer science game

The innovative approach to learning programming makes use of various senses: movement, sight and touch make the coding game very interesting, dynamically support the development of motor skills, teach logical thinking and promote work within a group of friends and peers.

The Scottie Go! Labyrinth set includes:

  • 57 programming blocks;
  • Scottie Go! Manual;
  • A licence code eligible for 2 devices.
Minimal requirements:

Android system version 4.1.2 or newer, dual core processor 1.2 GHz, rear camera

Minimal requirements:

iOS system version 8 or newer, iPhone 5S or newer, iPad 4th generation or newer