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The package “SEN Scottie Go!” is perfect for teachers who want to conduct the core curriculum and, at the same time, use the elements of coding/programming while holding a pedagogical therapy and revalidation with students with special educational needs with learning disorders, students with autism and Asperger Syndrome. This is also a great solution for both individualisation and inclusive education The special teacher’s guide with lessons scripts may help to improve pupils’:

  • memory, analysis and visual synthesis;
  • spatial orientation;
  • ability to: logical thinking, to recognize cause and effect sequence;
  • basic mathematical operations.

Activities with Scottie Go! games have got low entry levels. Simultaneously, they use the gamification mechanism. It helps pupils to get emotionally involved into classes using Scottie games.

  • student-friendly solution in sight and movement disorders;
  • possibility of working in groups or individually;
  • safe materials;
  • the application gives audio-visual messages if the task is done correctly;
  • students may work using tablets/computers/smartphones or even with no device;
  • possibility of using interactive monitor or board while working.

The main character of the Scottie Go! programming games series is Scottie the friendly alien. Teachers may experience his multiple adventures with students by relating a traditional board game and the safe application. Children play and learn the basics of programming at the same time! They help Scottie to fulfil different missions by creating commands out of the blocks. Then, they scan these commands so that Scottie do the moves on the device screen or on the traditional board. Scottie Go! games combine the world of application with psychophysical progress and ability of cooperation. Scottie the mascot makes the classes more attractive for children at different age.

15 lessons scripts for SEN were created by Krzysztof Jaworski, the coordinator and educational coach, who is associated with Digital Dialogue Association (Stowarzyszenie Cyfrowy Dialog). Moreover, he is the graduate of the Future Classroom Lab programme that was executed by European Schoolnet in Brussels and participated in international conferences Scratch in Budapest and the USA (MIT, Boston).

Learning of coding with Scottie Go! games enables constructing programmes using VIRTUAL BLOCKS (by the application included in SEN package named Scottie Go! Dojo), which can be arranged on the screen of tablet, interactive monitor or board by children.

The package for 4-8 pupils includes:

  • 4 Scottie Go! Basic games;
  • large Magnetic Blocks Scottie Go!
  • Scottie Go! the mascot;
  • teacher’s guide of 15 lessons scripts;
  • 15 licenses for Scottie Go! Dojo Basic application;
  • an attractive box that can be coloured by children.