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Coding for kids with Scottie Go! Edu

Scottie Go! Edu is an innovative educational game which teaches programming to kids aged 6-15 years. It can help to develop algorithmic intuition and competencies of pupils, according to the latest developments in methodology.

For teachers conducting programming classes with our game, we have prepared full lesson scenarios, covering all grades of the target group. All assignments allow students to acquire the basic skills necessary to learn programming languages.

The Teacher’s Guide and Students’ Report Cards can be downloaded after entering the license key. 

Coding classes for kids

Scottie Go! Edu is an educational game which can help your pupils develop very important skills and competences such as: analytical as well as logical thinking; algorithmic reasoning; presenting their thoughts and ideas; proper work planning and work organisation; teamwork and effective project development. Using gamification in education helps kids to gain knowledge in a friendly and interesting way. The game features a friendly alien called Scottie, whose spaceship breaks down and crash lands on Earth. Learners will need to help Scottie to collect replacement parts for his spaceship by programming the actions of the game characters. 

Scottie Go! Edu coding for kids, features hours of fun and learning by solving challenges and quests that require creativity to allow Scottie to fix his spaceship and return home.

Block-based programming

Scottie Go! Edu comprises an app as well as unique cardboard programming blocks, featuring 91 quests of increasing difficulty. Specially designed blocks make it fun to learn programming and to develop mathematical competences. Using cardboard blocks, learners create programs to solve quests featured in the Scottie Go! Edu app.


Teaching programming in primary school with educational Scottie Go! games

Each program starts with the BEGIN block and finishes with the END block. In between them, learners insert blocks displaying specific commands, some of which require adding parameters, e.g. number of steps that Scottie must take. The command blocks enable Scottie to interact with other characters and with his environment.

Scottie Go! Edu allows your pupils to learn fundamental programming concepts such as:

  • simple and complex commands;
  • parameters; loops;
  • conditional statements;
  • variables;
  • functions.

The license number included in the Scottie Go! Edu box allows users to install the app on three separate devices, and to undertake all the 91 specially designed quests on each of them. The same amount of scenarios can also be downloaded.

The Scottie Go! Edu app allows learners to find out details about the quest to solve, to scan lines of code created with cardboard blocks, and to review if the scanned lines of code achieve the quest objectives.

After installing the Scottie Go! Edu app on a mobile device, players can select a quest and use the programming blocks to build programs on the background board supplied. They can then scan their lines of code by using the photo or video feature of their mobile device camera. If the program was written correctly and Scottie completes his task, players are awarded with up to three stars. If the lines can be shortened and optimized, only one or two stars will be awarded. If Scottie fails to complete his quest, players can try to rewrite the lines of program to find a working solution.

Magnetic blocks are an excellent tool to teach kids collaboration, to present and discuss either correct solutions or indeed solutions containing a ‘bug’ (teaching how to ‘de-bug’). Magnetic tiles can be used with Scottie Go! Edu as an easy-to-use and helpful teaching aid. *Magnetic blocks are not included in the Scottie Go! Edu set.

Programming classes with Scottie Go!

Programming classes can be conducted by dividing students into groups. Each group should have their box with the game and a block scanning device.

The hero of the game and its plot provide both interesting learning and great fun not only at school but also in workshops, extracurricular activities, courses, and programming schools. Scottie Go! Edu allows teachers to deliver lessons in various situations, anywhere, and on a variety of devices. After installing the game, the app no longer requires internet access, so it can be used in almost any place, on the school desk, on the carpet, or even outdoors.

We are producers of game-based, interactive learning resources’ and are well known both in Poland and around the world. Our products are based on the knowledge and experience of teachers who deliver programming classes for children and teenagers. We garnered insights and knowledge with the help of teachers and educational experts through workshops, courses and programming schools and translated our insights into educational games.

Each Scottie Go! Edu set includes:

  • 179 programming blocks;
  • a licence code eligible for 3 devices;
  • an organizer;
  • a background board on which the programming tiles can be assembled;
  • Scottie Go! Manual;

When working with Scottie Go! Edu, you can use Magnetic Coding Blocks and present correct solutions to the whole class.

Minimal requirements:

32- or 64-bit system, version 7/8/10, 2 GB RAM memory, dual core processor 1.33GHz, USB web camera (2Mpx with autofocus)

Minimal requirements:

System version 4.1.2 or newer, dual core processor 1.2 GHz, rear camera

Minimal requirements:

System version 8 or newer, iPhone 5S or newer, iPad 4th generation or newer