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Interactive platform to teaching and learning programming

Scottie Go! Dojo is an innovative and unique tool to enable distance learning of programming. It consists of an application, printable programming blocks and learning platform to manage the education process.

The Scottie Go! The learning platform enables the teacher to create and manage licenses and accounts, organize students into project or class groups, and save students’ assignments and progress, which allows for the effective evaluation of their progress and knowledge.

Scottie Go! Dojo application is an educational tool designed in an attractive game formula to safely create interactive quests for the main character of the game – a nice and friendly alien Scottie. An app is intended for students aged 6 to 15. and can be used in schools and other educational institutions during interactive IT and technical classes, as well as for other subjects. It supports the acquisition of numerous key competences: improvement of logical and mathematical thinking, communication and cooperation searching for non-standard solutions to problems and creative thinking.

Creative programming with Scottie Go! Dojo quests creator

With Scottie Go! Dojo students design maps and quests for Scottie independently or together with the teacher, determining the complexity and difficulty based on their own ideas. The teacher can also prepare quests and adjust their parameters according to the students’ knowledge and abilities. To solve the quests, students create programs that Scottie executes on the screen using the programming blocks.

They are able to use the cardboard blocks from the Scottie Go! EDU game, or download the programming blocks which we designed to support distance learning.

The Scottie Go! Dojo application can be downloaded on a laptop, tablet or smartphone and fits well with any BYOD initiative.

A unique feature of the Scottie Go! Learning platform is the cloud synchronisation of data from devices (accounts, profiles, tasks) and management of groups and profiles by the teacher.

Distance learning and content sharing

Learning programming within the platform allows both teachers and students to creatively use quests created in the Scottie Go! Dojo app. Each arranged quest is automatically assigned a QR code. This unique functionality allows to quickly and efficiently share quests in school or in any other learning setting. It also provides the opportunity to organise school and inter-school competitions. QR codes can be printed, displayed on the board, shared by e-mail or posted on social media.

Teachers can quickly use ready-made QR codes, or prepare the quests to send as homework to students or use them in any preferred work model. Students can also design the quests by themselves as part of a homework assignment.

For teachers, we have prepared a set of materials such as:

  • notebooks for students with 40 quests,
  • colouring books,
  • instructions in the form of a guide.

Coding blocks for modules I-V

Coding blocks for modules VI-X

Minimal requirements:

32- or 64-bit system, version 7/8/10, 2 GB RAM memory, dual core processor 1.33GHz, USB web camera

Minimal requirements:

System version 4.1.2 or newer, dual core processor 1.2 GHz, rear camera (2Mpx with auto focus)

Minimal requirements:

System version 8 or newer, iPhone 5S or newer, iPad 4th generation or newer