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We developed a virtual environment and programming language for children and young people. Multiple assets, various difficulty levels, and friendly heroes of the game allow introducing programming from an early age, with no previous experience required, as well as delivering challenging programming environments for more experienced players.

The Scottie Go! game series features a friendly alien called Scottie, who experiences numerous adventures while traveling in space with his spacecraft. By helping Scottie, players gain programming knowledge and develop very important skills and competences.

We provide mobile and boxed games for children aged 4 to 15, as well as a quest creator enabling distance and direct learning of programming at school.

Games are available for Android, iOS, and Windows-based devices and are translated to 20+ languages (depending on the version). Please contact us to buy the required game.

To learn how to code, players arrange the programming blocks into scripts (sequence of commands) to steer the heroes of the game to correctly carry out the quests. There are 2 formats of the programming blocks, depending on the game version:

Physical programming blocks

Cardboard blocks placed on a table, similar to a jigsaw puzzle. Thanks to the innovative image recognition system used in the application, the blocks can be scanned with a camera and, once recognised by the application, they will execute the program.

Virtual programming blocks

an integral part of the application interface, they can be stacked on top of each other to create a sequence of commands that make up a program; in the virtual version, they are dragged to the coding area. The indentations and protrusions make the blocks fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Visual learning of programming commands

There are four types of blocks: command, function, trigger and control instruction. This allows learning programming concepts such as loops, conditional statements, variables, functions, parameters, etc.


Application for coding games

The coding games app for mobile devices or laptops provides a step-by-step guide through the adventurous world of programming with Scottie the alien. The gamification formula and interesting quests help to keep children interested, rewarding their efforts in a way known and liked by them.

Depending on the version, the application may be purchased from the relevant mobile store, as well as downloaded using the license key included in the box.

The Augmented Reality technology (AR) implemented in Scottie Go! helps players to create their own programs. This technology adds additional information to the program code recognized by the application, with the help of a camera.

Meet Scottie Go!

Innovative game series for education and home usage.

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For education

Scottie Go! is an innovative educational game series which teaches programming at school, kindergarten or other educational institutions. It promotes the development of algorithmic intuition and competencies, according to the latest developments in methodology and technology. Children learn how to code through play by helping a friendly alien called Scottie.

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For home

Learn and play outside of school too! Scottie Go! designed for home users are basic block programming courses that a child can take independently, with peers or together with the family.