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BeCREO Technologies is a Polish IT company that develops innovative educational tools for the education and consumer markets.

The company’s leading product Scottie Go! is an innovative educational game series that teaches programming. It promotes the development of algorithmic intuition and competencies, according to the latest developments in methodology and technology.

The game is available in 23 languages in over 85 countries around the world, clearly increasing the prestige and achievements of Polish science and education.

The company cooperates with teachers, experts, educational institutions, and research and development entities. Products created by BeCREO Technologies are tested and supported by the School of the Future Laboratory, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, and are enriched with didactic materials. The products are designed to teach programming in school and are suitable for distance learning.

BeCREO Technologies implements a holistic vision to equip students, teachers, parents and students with tools enabling the safe use of newest technologies in proximate, hybrid and distance learning. The company’s products are available in boxed, mobile and subscription versions, giving users the option to choose the payment and usage model best suited to them.

The internationally awarded Scottie Go! games create a new quality of education, combining proven methodology with the latest technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR). For example, in Poland Scottie Go! Labyrinth was awarded with the title “Toy of the Year 2019”.

BeCREO Technologies closely cooperates with leading companies from the IT industry and the education sector. Products and solutions integrate the latest technologies of R&D, combining previous experience with the latest technological achievements.

The company’s goal is to commercialize on global markets the various types of innovative solutions for both individual clients and educational institutions.

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