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Programming and coding for kindergarten and pre-school children

Scottie Go! Basic is an innovative game which teaches programming to kids as young as 4 years old.

We specialise in coding toys to help kids develop their algorithmic intuition and learn fundamentals of programming, according to the latest developments in teaching methodologies.

The game was created in cooperation with experienced teachers and educators.

Kindergarten coding with Scottie Go!

Kids may start learning coding in elementary school, but with our game they can already do so in kindergarten. The concept of the game is friendly for kids, helpful to the teacher, and covers the following educational topics: use pictograms to represent algorithms; develop mathematical reasoning; create thematic elements of the game; teamwork under supervision of the teacher.

Our game which helps teaching coding for kindergarten kids features a friendly alien called Scottie, whose spaceship breaks down and crash lands on Earth. Kids will need to help Scottie to collect replacement parts for his spaceship by programming the actions of the game characters. 

Scottie Go! Basic features hours of fun and learning by solving challenges and quests that require creativity to allow Scottie to fix his spaceship and return home.

The game features unique cardboard programming blocks, tokens, overlays, challenge cards, a game board where quests are designed and solved, and a Scottie Go! Edu app.

Specially designed blocks make learning programming and developing mathematical competences fun. Using cardboard blocks, kids create programs to solve quests featured in the Scottie Go! Edu app and learn fundamental programming concepts such as simple commands, parameters and loops.

The Scottie Go! Basic licence allows users to install the app on three separate devices, and to complete the initial 24 quests of Scottie Go! Edu app. However, with the Scottie Go! Edu licence, users can complete 91 quests; to this end, they will also need a Scottie Go! Edu box set. The Scottie Go! Edu app allows users to: find out details about the quest to solve, scan lines of code created with cardboard blocks by using the photo or video feature of their mobile device camera, view if the scanned lines of code achieve the quest objective.


After the players set up a program by connecting cardboard blocks on the supplied background board, the teacher can help their pupils to scan the blocks with a smartphone or a tablet. Scottie will perform all the programmed commands on the screen of the mobile device used to scan the lines of code.

If the program was written correctly and Scottie completes his task, players are awarded with up to three stars. If the lines can be shortened and optimised, only one or two stars will be awarded. If Scottie fails to complete his quest, players can try to rewrite the lines of code to find a working solution.

Users can learn and have fun with Scottie Go! Basic without using any electronic device or app, by just using it as a traditional board game. In this case, quests for Scottie are set on the game board by using tokens and overlays provided. Players execute the program by moving wooden tokens of game characters on a game board.

If Scottie Go! Basic is played as a board game, challenge cards can be used, which allow learners to develop their creativity by modifying existing quests and programs and by creating completely new tasks for Scottie. Challenge cards are an excellent solution when working with gifted pupils, as they provide additional challenges for higher ability learners.

Magnetic blocks are an excellent tool to teach kids collaboration, to present and discuss either correct solutions or indeed solutions containing a ‘bug’ (teaching how to ‘de-bug’).

Magnetic blocks can be used with Scottie Go! Basic as an easy-to-use and helpful teaching aid.

*Magnetic blocks are not included in the Scottie Go! Basic set.

After installing the application on the device, no Internet access is required while conducting classes, which means that they can be held virtually anywhere, both at the table and on the carpet, and even outdoors.

Each Scottie Go! Basic set includes:

  • An 8×12 squares fold-out game board (with a Summer and a Winter version);
  • 42 tokens: obstacles, water, bridges, straw, collectibles;
  • 47 programming tiles;
  • 52 challenge cards to modify the pre-created programs;
  • teacher’s guide with quests and solutions;
  • 3 wooden tokens and 6 Scottie stickers;
  • blank programming blocks, tokens and cards to customise;
  • Scottie Go! Basic manual;
  • license code;
  • 2 linen bags to store tokens and other parts;
  • a plastic tray to store all tiles and other elements of the set inside the box.

All parts of the Scottie Go! Basic set are made of safe and durable cardboard or wood. Additionally, after entering the license code, teachers can download the following materials:

  1. A teacher’s guide with quests and solutions;
  2. A set of screenshots for all the quests, to be used during lessons;
  3. Visual resources, including work cards in the Teacher’s Folder;
  4. Course curriculum and lesson scenarios featuring physical activities and methodological guidance;
  5. Ideas for interesting activities to use during lessons.

When working with Scottie Go! Basic, you can use Magnetic Coding Blocks and present correct solutions to the whole class.

Minimal requirements:

32- or 64-bit system, version 7/8/10, 2 GB RAM memory, dual core processor 1.33GHz, USB web camera (2Mpx with autofocus)

Minimal requirements:

System version 4.1.2 or newer, dual core processor 1.2 GHz, rear camera

Minimal requirements:

System version 8 or newer, iPhone 5S or newer, iPad 4th generation or newer