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Board game – adventures with the learning of coding

Scottie GO! Coding Adventures Digital Planet is a game that combines entertainment with learning of the basics of coding. The game combines a board game with the application. Kids learn the basics of programming, developing logical thinking with a friendly alien Scottie.

Decrypt passwords with Scottie and open the secret door

3.ekran z poprawnie wykonanym zadaniem
1.ekran z zadaniem
2.ekran ze skanowaniem
4.ekran sukcesu

Scottie ends up on a seemingly deserted planet of an ancient civilization, where he finds abandoned hardware… it’s a binary computer! The Players learn binary code and discover logic gates. They help Scottie to charge his vehicle and decrypt all the passwords and open the secret door. Where do they lead him? The Players will find out after solving all the quests.

A mix of learning and a great fun

Scottie Go! Coding Adventures Golden is great fun and learning for children who did not know Scottie before as well as for those who know well the products from Scottie Go! series. Players discover new programming blocks and quests in the application Scottie Go! Coding Adventures. The game is available in six language versions: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Polish.

The development of logical thinking, basics of coding for the whole family


The game is aimed at children aged 9+, but it is great entertainment for the whole family. Everyone will find interesting exercises and create their program. Children learn the basics od coding, planning and solving complicated tasks and problems. They develop cause-effect thinking and support motoric skills development.
Players solve exercises creating a program from special cardboard blocks which they scan using Scottie Go! Coding Adventures application. The alien moves on a screen like children programmed him. Children get to know how easy and engaging is the learning of programing and if the created program is correct.

Discover unique blocks and learn the basics of coding

In Scottie Go! Coding Adventures Digital Planet players discover 47 quests of increasing difficulty. They find numerous adventures. The player gets to know the exercise and analyze it. They plan a sequence of commands which will make Scottie jump, avoid obstacles, switch on a device, use teleports at the right moment to realize the goal of the exercise. The game uses AR technology (Augmented Reality).

After solving all the quests, Scottie need to make sure he collected enough gold to produce a processor to run his spacecraft. Our friendly alien can continue his space adventure.

Scottie Go! Coding Adventures Golden city box includes:

  • 129 programming blocks
  • User manual in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Polish
  • A license key, valid for up to 3 devices

*The box does not include any device
Scottie Go! Coding Adventures Digital Planet application contains 47 quests.