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Join Scottie Go! Clubs

If you ever get stuck on an obstacle too big and can’t move along on your programming journey, there’s no better place to look for help than Scottie Go! Clubs. It’s an initiative taken by teachers and students to support each other while using the games and solutions from Scottie Go!

The cooperation between teachers and students over the Internet is a giant leap for the evolution of schools, especially in the light of growing demand for distance learning.

Many teachers do the fieldwork themselves, looking for inspiring materials for children to learn from, and then share their findings. That builds an innovative and attractive approach to new methods of working.

Scottie Go! Clubs is a friendly and open space for everyone to share their knowledge and successes. Scottie Go! Clubs have made a place for themselves not only on a closed Facebook group but also in schools, both in Poland and abroad. Students love Scottie, who becomes their friend not only in learning programming but also in learning other subjects. This solution has been already warmly welcomed and initiated in eTwinning programs, for example in Italy.

Join our group on Facebook, and if you’d like to acquire materials supporting Scottie Go! Clubs in your school contact us on: contact@scottiego.com


Community support

A community of teachers and educators who use Scottie Go! to learn programming.


Even more useful educational materials: instructions, lesson plans, teaching aids.

News and sales

Scottie Go! School Club Members they are the first to find out about new products and receive special discounts.