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Programming at home: an innovative coding game for children with a programming course

Scottie Go! Labyrinth Mobile is a brand-new take on the ScottieGo! Labyrinth box – game of 2019 – available online to purchase and download. Now you can assist Scottie on his adventures and learn coding by printing puzzle blocks to program at home.

Scottie Go! Labyrinth Mobile is an innovative coding game for kids which includes elements of Augmented Reality, perfectly designed to learn the basics of programming.).

The player downloads our coding game app from Google Play or App Store and installs it on a smartphone or tablet, then prints and cuts the coding blocks to design programs, scan the programs with a device camera and watch on screen how Scottie performs the programs designed by the player.

It is a coding game and an adventure in one. Learning and playing in a safe, interactive formula for one or more players from the age of 6! Siblings, parents or friends can be invited to play together!

Brand new!

Game of the year – ScottieGo! Labyrinth – now available in a mobile version!

Our programming course for kids is an adventure-filled story of a friendly alien called Scottie, who ran out of fuel and has to make an emergency landing on an asteroid. In order to help Scottie find crystals that are the power source for his ship, the player must design programs that make Scottie overcome difficulties in the form of interesting challenges: solving logic problems, labyrinths, and even teleportation!

In each of the 52 missions, players have to solve programming puzzles and arrange subsequent programs that Scottie will perform in the application by using the programming blocks.

How does our coding game work?

The game is composed of the Scottie Go! Labyrinth Mobile app and 58 coding blocks. The blocks will be downloaded, printed and cut out. Scottie will execute programs arranged from printed blocks on the screen of the device, after scanning them with the camera on the phone or tablet.

Our coding game contains 52 quests of increasing difficulty that have been divided into three modules:

  • Module I – 10 free quests
    – instructions, parameters
  • Module II – paid extension – 21 quests
    – logic riddles using teleporters
  • Module III – paid extension – 21 quests
    – loop instructions


After installing the application on the device:

  1. Download, print and cut out the programming blocks.
  2. Play Module I (10 quests) for free or buy the full version of the game.
  3. Read Lesson 1 (How to play?).
  4. Run the quest and read its contents.
  5. Write the solution by arranging t the blocks and scan it.
  6. Watch Scottie execute the program on the screen of the device.

After completing all the quests, the player will acquire the knowledge of how to use basic programming commands such as instruction, parameter, loop, and will develop skills of complex problems solving as well as mathematical and logical thinking.

With the rising popularity of STEM games, the Scottie Go! code games series became a worldwide hit, being used in thousands of schools around the globe. The home version of Scottie Go! Labyrinth Mobile combines the proven method of learning programming with fun at home.

Download the application from:

Minimal requirements:

Android system version 4.1.2 or newer, dual core processor 1.2 GHz, rear camera

Minimal requirements:

iOS system version 8 or newer, iPhone 5S or newer, iPad 4th generation or newer