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Scottie Go! Edu

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Scottie Go! Edu is an innovative educational game that teaches programming to kids aged 6-15 years. It can help to develop algorithmic intuition and competencies of pupils, according to the latest developments in methodology.

Scottie Go! Basic

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Scottie Go! Basic is an innovative game which teaches programming coding for kindergarten and pre-school kids as young as 4 years old. We specialise in coding toys to help kids develop their algorithmic intuition and learn fundamentals of programming, according to the latest developments in teaching methodologies.

Scottie Go! Dojo


Scottie Go! Dojo is an innovative and unique tool to enable distance learning of programming. It consists of an application, printable programming blocks and learning platform to manage the education process.

Scottie Go! Magnetic Blocks


An excellent, easy-to-use and helpful teaching aid for Scottie Go! educational games series.