#StayHome with Scottie Go! Dojo campaign is closed. Thank You for participating!
In order to help schools maintain the continuity of learning in the event of prolonged school closures, we integrated a special free feature to our new solution Scottie Go! Dojo. Students and teachers who registered to get a free Scottie Go! Dojo access will be able to use printable coding blocks and all functionalities of both Platform and application until August 31.

Get a free 14-day trial of Scottie Go! Dojo for 30 users

Since May 16. you can get free 14-day trial access to Scottie Go! Dojo with printable coding blocks set. Contact your BeCREO team account executive or write an email to our customer support (contact@becreo.com) and receive an access code for You and up to 30 students.
Scottie Go! Dojo is a one-of-its-kind quest creator - you and your students can design quests for the friendly alien Scottie and other heroes of the Scottie Go! for Education game. The app allows for working at home, using the Scottie Go! Platform and Scottie Go! print-at-home coding tiles for composing programming commands.
How to obtain free 14-day trial of Scottie Go! Dojo and Scottie Go! Platform:
1. Contact your BeCREO team account executive or write an email to our custommer support. You will receive the required trial license key within 48 hours.

2. Register your account on the  Scottie Go! Platform. Next, add your trial key and user profiles for students  (check the user manual)

3. Download and start the Scottie Go! Dojo application on your device. Tell your students to install the app on their devices as well.

4. Share students' login details with them via QR codes. You can email the codes, share them via electronic gradebooks or social media.

5. Print out the coding tiles. We have prepared the coding tiles in both regular and larger size for younger students. (* we recommend printing on cardstock or glueing the printouts to chipboard for strength. Printing the tiles in grayscale does not affect the scanning process). You can now start working with the application!
#StayHome with Scottie Go! Dojo
conditions of access:
1. Free access to the quest creator is available till August 31st, 2020. This period of access might be prolonged in the case of ongoing crisis situation related to the Coronavirus pandemic. In order to participate in the program, the account must be created and the license must be registered until May 15, 2020. We reserve the right to disable the service should the Privacy Policy provisions be breached, or other unfair practices be applied, or in the case of a situation beyond our control, in which we are unable to provide the service. Shall any of the above occur, we will inform you about it in advance by email.

2. We offer you 109 tiles representing simple and complex programming commands. The tiles are available for printing and scanning with the Scottie Go! Dojo application, free of charge. Students should obtain access to the tiles, so that they can also print and cut them out, or prepare them for use in any other way. (* the free print-at-home tiles are not compatible with the Scottie Go! for Education set).

3. The free license covers access to the application for the number of users indicated in the form (and according to the table).

4. In the case of any queries or concerns contact us directly: contact@edisdeadscottiego.com