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Interactive system to teach and learn programming

Scottie Go! Interactive courses to teach and learn programming help to develop the key competences for the 21st Century. Scottie Go! Platform provides higher level of cloud integration of our applications, educational courses, education content and students’ profiles to enable and manage the education process. The tools and content provided on the platform and printable programming blocks enable distance learning approaches.

Programming class management

Downloading and sharing educational content, homework distribution, adding and checking status of applications and courses, accounts creation, and planning students work: all of the above gathered in one place upon registration.

Teaching and Learning Ecosystem

Scottie Go! platform enables to create teachers’ accounts, students’ profiles and work evaluation in a safe cloud solution. One of the major features is the possibility to synchronize the users’ devices and applications with the platform. Such a solution is user-friendly, both for the teachers and students. It helps in planning the workload, task distribution, quests sharing, and in the evaluation process.